the opposite of aloof vol. 2

by Foundling


"Half Light Soap" is the opening track for this compilation from ACR -


"roughly 6 months after the first instalment of 'the opposite of aloof', we return with volume 2. these 13 tracks by artists from 7 countries expand ACR's mission statement and widen our musical focus. there is beautiful ambient music, there are intense drones, but the compilation also explores new waters - Philip Glass-esque orchestral arrangements, gentle glitchy piano, soulful field recordings, or abstract songwriting combined with unintelligible singing. this is strange music - simultaneously dark and light, ecstatic and desperate, strange and familiar."

"this volume also introduces names that'll appear on ACR's roster with their own releases soon - ot to not to, theydon boys, or Adel Mede."


released February 23, 2018

mix & music: Foundling, theydon boys, ot to not to, TMRPOE, Nico Niquo, Missing Organs, CJ Mirra, David Petráš, Endurance, Adel Mede, Evergreen Avenue, Hegira Moya, ulla
mastering: Adam Badi Donoval
cover artwork: J.N. Kim



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